Saturday, 11 February 2012

.outing / hangout / chilling.


today, on the saturday noon..
i went out with my friends :)
only 2 friends exactly, well, i know-i know.

only 2 ?!
shouldn't call it friends with de 's' but still,
more than one right ?

i know, my life is pathetic, i should just kill myself now for having just few friends.. LOL
come on, i don't care how many friends your going out with, as long as your happy with whoever is following, besides, would you care to bring every single friends you had ??

haha xD

yeah, we went to the only finest shopping complex, PARKSON...
actually, before today, this morning there's a serious story that happened to me before i went out just now.
seriously i thought of canceling my outing :')

you know why? ( daa.. no .. haha xD )
it was like this, . . . 

once, there was a girl who woke up this morning, she thought it was late because every saturday morning, she would go out with her aunt for morning marketing, buying all house-suppliers and etc. And also, today, all schools in MIRI had a school replacement and that's mean the little annoying brother went for school and only be BACK at 12.30 pm. so, the time goes by like your money... **

9 am
woke up

10 am
done bathing and went downstairs to have breakfast and getting ready to go marketing.

11 am ** ( lost time track )
then go out buy stuffs. really late

by 12.40 ++ pm
went to pick up brother and traffic problems .. !%^*&$ ~

by 1+ pm
arrived home and start arranging and put all the stuff that was bought at the supermarket.
quickly went upstairs and get ready to go out.
got text from friend saying " pick me up later. . . " which i was already almost arrived to his house.
and i went "  $#%%*^(!#$&%@^&*&*  !!!!!!!!!!! " .

almost 2 . . .pm
had to go and pick another friend which staying really FAR from the other friend and myself. soooo tired and again, driving like crazeeeyyyyyy with a friend next to me.


almost 3 pm
arrived at destination, park car, went inside the mall and start journey of shopping. ( which failed actually )

around 4 / 5 pm
send friends home from the other side of city and the other end
<(@ _ @)>

5.30 pm
finally arrived home and after today, didn't really bought anything home, YAY !! HAPPY !!!! <(T U T)>
only bought ONE USB CONNECTION CABLE .. that's all ..
oh well, didn't really had the time .. yeah, sucks on me

# but, despite that all scenes.... i still had a great time hanging out with them both, both i loved <3

Syukur Alhamdulillah juak dpt jalan :) **