Friday, 10 February 2012

newbie izit ? :)

.. HelLo ..
I know i'm kind of too old to even started a blog but i admit, i was pretty greatly lazy to actually owned a blog.
i'm not good in blogging.
yeah, screw me :)
go dai --

enough of cursing me to go die, i will... SOON . . .

well, da' name is Esha.
so, as you all know, i'm about to turn 19 y/o in another 4 more days and keep on dropping :)
omggg .. this is my last year of being a teenager and also my last "1" on my b-day year :')
i'm going to turn 20 next year !!! not OLD .. haha xD

and yezzz, i am just one super-ordinary-hyperactive girl :)
no, seriouslyy. I got EXCITED easily. NOT being HIGH okay. Just being myself you know, trust me, people nowdays are easily plastic-fied. you know what i mean. Don't you??? xD

Well, i type here what i want to type.
If you don't feel like scrolling, 
reading more,
feeling 'time-wasted',
the 'X' button 
are always on
your screen,
unless you had find your WAY on DELETING one
= u =

and so, when and how i started my very 2nd blog? ( my 1st blog was a TRULLY FAILURE .. DROP THAT :P )
i was reading some of my friends blogs and i was wondering, why u actually wrote blogs anyway? I really don't know why? if u sharing your thoughts, u have fB, twitter and etc. why blogs? if this was a diary, you won't make it in BLOGS right? where people from the whole world can READ it.. I mean the WHOLE WORLD... so, what's the point ? can anyone tell me pleaseeeee
* please fill free and seriously, no payment apply for commenting or insulting :') 

and yeah, i ended up doing it anyway, just feeling doing something new and besides, seriously man ! this is really creative on designing ur own creative ways n looks on each blogs ! <3

this is all, thank Q :D
* to late now, sleeping mode is on ** xD

will update soon, or later or WHENEVER .. hahah xD

Love, Esha de' only one

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  1. Nice try lalink! kacak2 kan gik.. hehe.. plh blog sal lukisan anime ktk.. ^_^