Sunday, 19 February 2012


How are you? :P

Yay ~ it was my BIRTHDAY last 15 Feb ..
i know ! how long i've wait to update this blog of mine.. haha xD
sorry-sorry ^^''
i had a very long and busy day last few days/weeks/ . . . . . . 
the day after my birthday, on the 16th, I'm going back to my study world / country

yeah, justtt...... RIGHT after the day of my birthday, well, actually, it was just for my registration, my class starts on the 27 Feb. how lame is that !
you actually have to wait for another 10 days from your registration man !
i know it might help you to have the time to settle up everyting but why so damn late???!
and so, yeah, i went to Kuala Lumpur (KL) on the 16th, yet my registration date's which had been confirmed on the 14th...... the 1st day of registration dates for us ( returning students ... )
= ___ =''

i know ! but what can we do? My aunty booked the ticket flight there on the 16th because my :LOVELY FAMILY: wanted to celebrate my 19th birthday together.
so, no harm

and so, i bought all my needed things from miri the week before and the days before and on my birthday, well, its not really that high-class or any big event :)
just enough for my family which INCLUDES my OTHER SIBLINGS~~~~~
~~ < _ <;;

well, its not that i don't like it, but well, well, well ---- Zzzz ........ family matters ...
*troll face* xD

argh !! what a night that NIGHT .. HAHAH xDD

oh yeah, presents that i got for this year was .............

From :-

  • papa / father                   : money. RM ** ( undefined )
  • mama / mother               : love. <3
  • aunty / aunt                    : camera. DSLR - my 1st DSLR - canon ** ( undefined type )
  • little brother                   :       B)
  • sister - in - law               : birthday cake.
  • others                             : -- :)

and so, yeah, that all :D

i know i don't really had a blast bithday presents like the others, like you guys..
but i'm happy to even celebrated it :)

so, don't worry and don't ask me .. ahah xP
and so, the next day, starts packing stuff and get ready to go across the sea to your stress world .. ^^''

-- end --

sincerely ex* birthday-girl, 
esha  <3

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